Don't have the dirtiest home in your neighborhood!

We can clean every part of your home in one visit!


We can safely clean siding, driveways, patios, play sets, wooden fences, mailboxes, wooden porches, and more!

By offering power washingsoft washing, and pressure washing, we can safely and effectively clean your whole home. We will never use too much pressure or temperature  for your home. 

We use a cleaning mix that is safe on both your home and your plants. This mix is highly effective at cleaning mold, mildew, and algae and it lasts up to four times as long as other pressure washing solutions!

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What Do Your Neighbors Think?

I felt our home needed a good overall cleaning. When they came out, the vinyl siding, brick, and roof were all effectively cleaned. Our outside windows were washed, and even our sidewalk was cleaned to be made to look new. I highly recommend Don Kennedy Roofing, and with its many years of proven reputation, their new exterior cleaning service may well offer an exterior cleaning service you need.
John H.
I had my 15 year old roof cleaned yesterday of mold and mildew and today looks like a new roof. This has to be the best experience I have ever had with any home contractor. Not only was the price and quality of work exceptional but most impressive were the individuals I worked with. Without hesitation I highly recommend Don Kennedy for any home project that you need done that they provide. You won't be disappointed!
R. Thilbus
Don Kennedy Exterior Cleaning did an outstanding job on the cleaning of my roof, driveway and walkway. I never realized just how dirty it was until I asked them to clean it. It was the difference in night and day. They were prompt and very professional. Donnie was very thorough in explaining the process and I was very informed with what they were using and doing. I would HIGHLY recommend them and look forward to using them again.
William C.


Why Choose Us?

Don Kennedy Exterior Cleaning grew out of an original need to better serve our roofing customers. Without proper maintenance and cleanings, many of our customers were unknowingly voiding their roof warranties. We began offering roof cleanings more than 20 years ago and have only expanded our services as a way to better serve our customers. 

As a branch of Don Kennedy Roofing, we bring a reputation and decades of experience to the table. Our team is trained, experienced, and insured.  We take pride in offering high quality services at reasonable prices and saving our customers time and stress in maintaining their homes.