Commercial Cleanings

First impressions matter. Let your clean business property be your customer's first one with a commercial cleaning.

A dirty sidewalk walkway on a commercial property.A clean sidewalk walkway on a commercial property.

A great business is a clean business.

Every day factors like weather, vehicle traffic, and people coming in and out of your workspace can cause your building to collect dirt and grime. A commercial building is a major investment, and we believe that it should always looks it best! A commercial cleaning is an easy and effective way to restore your building to its original pristine state.

By combining pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing according to the surface, Don Kennedy Exterior Cleaning is able to effectively clean every part of your property. We are able to clean off stains, dirt and debris, mold, mildew, and even gum!

We’re glad to offer after hour cleanings and service appointments to not disturb your customers.


A good pressure wash will remove any stains, drips, and scuffs on your parking lot, sidewalk, walkways, and parking garages. 


Keeping your gutters clean can help protect the integrity of your roof and lower the risk of any critters causing problems.


Your roof protects your whole building. Keep it clean and keep it strong with our special soft wash cleaning. 


Our pressure washing and soft washing services can ensure that your name on the sign represents the company inside well.


Every building has an unsightly dumpster tucked away. A thorough pressure wash can rid the dumpster of years of leaky garbage.

Are you a property owner or manager?

If you aren’t happy with the current state of your restaurant, retail store or other commercial property, consider how we can help you with a commercial cleaning!

We offer high quality pressure washingpower washing, and soft washing that we can take care of every element of your property: buildings, windows, gutters, dumpsters, sidewalks, parking garages, roofs, external stairwells, awnings, signs, and so much more!

Not only will a complete commercial cleaning make your property look impressive and clean to your customers, it will also help get rid of any safety hazards that might have formed due to natural weathering and can be slip hazards to your customers and employees.